Every business needs contracts on a daily basis to operate. You have contracts with your customers, your suppliers, your distributors, your employees and many more.


Many contracts are verbal, formal, or even entered into by email. Sometimes you may have agreed to something without even knowing it.


It’s important that business contracts are set out in writing. This is for your protection to ensure no legal backlash.

Standard Contracts

A good idea that many businesses use is to set up standard contracts so its quick and easy to produce a new contract.


For example, you may own a gym and want to sign up a new member. You don’t want to call your lawyer every time somebody wants to sign up. So you have a standard contract template and fill in the blanks.


This can also be the case for an employment agreement or a contractor agreement. You can work out some of the contract details before you contact your lawyer.


The lawyers can then finalise the finer details of the contract.

Employment Contracts

This is an agreement between an employer and an employee that sets out the rights and obligations of both parties. The contract will vary depending on the conditions of the employment, so it is important you get the right one.
Many employees will have their employment contract looked at by a lawyer before signing it. Employees may have their employment contract reviewed when determining if a termination or redundancy has been conducted fairly.
This is why its important that an employment contract isn’t overly complicated. It is best to have a simple and neat contract that clearly states the legal rights and boundaries of both parties.

I don’t trust words. I trust action.

Just try us. We guarantee you’ll know straight away.


I don’t trust words. I trust action.

Just try us. We guarantee you’ll know straight away.