Our priority is providing you with the highest quality legal services. We know our prices are fiercely competitive so we are happy to discuss everything with you before your legal matter starts.

At Neat Law, it is our policy to always provide our clients with an estimate of costs at the beginning of the matter. Some legal matters do not fall under the fixed costs category.

This is typical of Family Law disputes.

For those matters, we charge $350.00 per hour. There are many variables that may contribute to the increase or decrease of your costs. To enquire today, fill out this form:

    • Family Law

    • Apply for Divorce
      $880.00 + Disbursements
    • Advice on Binding Financial Agreement
    • Preparing Binding Financial Agreement (prenup)
    • Advice on Consent Orders
    • Prepare Consent Orders
    • Conveyancing

    • Purchase of Property
    • Sale of Property
    • Commercial Lease
    • Change of title on Property
    • Wills

    • Simple Will
    • Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian