How much does a divorce cost?

When thinking of getting a divorce, you may wonder how much does a divorce cost?


The cost of a divorce can be broken down into two different categories.

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The cost of the Application Fee


Even if you prepare your divorce application yourself, there is still an application fee you have to pay to the Family Court of Australia. In 2017, this fee is currently $865. The fee goes up every year.


You can apply for a fee exemption if you are experiencing financial difficulty. The Family Court may accept your application if you can demonstrate that you are suffering from financial hardship. The reduced fee is $290.


You will not be able to lodge your divorce application without paying the application fee. The application fee must be paid at the beginning of the divorce process.


The cost of the Lawyer


If you engage a lawyer to do your divorce they will charge you a fee for processing the paperwork. You should always make sure that the law firm doing your divorce quotes you or offers you a fixed fee before you agree on anything. You can check our current fees HERE.


You can make your divorce cheaper by doing it yourself. You just need to follow this Step by Step Guide that we have made.


Be aware that making a mistake in your divorce application will mean extensive delays in the whole process.