Why do I need Consent Orders?

Consent Orders are the best way for you to save time and money in your separation.


They can be used to create, stop, or change existing family law orders. The Court approves it by making it into a Court Order.



If you reach an agreement about parenting arrangements or a property settlement, you can apply for Consent Orders.

Why should I get Consent Orders?

If you and your ex have reached to an agreement, there are major risks to leaving this agreement as informal.


A verbal or informal agreement can cause problems down the line. There can be misunderstandings, or one side can attempt to change what was agreed upon if personal circumstances change.


For example, your ex may lose their job 3 years after you’ve been separated. At the time of your separation, you agreed to walk your separate ways without any financial claim to one another. Because your ex has now lost their job, they come to you and ask for money or a financial settlement.

What are the advantages of Consent Orders?

The most important advantage is protection from risks such as misunderstandings of attempts to change the agreement by one side. If an Order is breached, consequences can follow.



  • They are easier to enforce
  • If you need assistance for the Australian Federal Police they usually need to see a Court Order
  • You can do it yourself, you do not have to ask a lawyer
  • You can document your parenting, property and spousal maintenance agreements all in one document
  • You can apply for a Consent Order without actually having to go to Court
  • The Court will only approve Consent orders if they are satisfied that:
  • the agreements are just and equitable
  • parenting arrangements are in the best interests of the child