Consent Orders

Consent Orders are the best way for you to save time and money in your separation.


They can be used to create, stop, or change existing family law orders. The Court approves it by making it into a Court Order.



If you reach an agreement about parenting arrangements or a property settlement, you can apply for Consent Orders.

What are Consent Orders?

When you and your ex are separating, it is likely that you’ll discuss:



  • parenting arrangements for the children of the marriage (if any)
  • how the joint property will be divided in the property settlement
  • spousal maintenance



If you can reach an agreement on any OR all of the above, you can save a lot of time and money and apply for Consent Orders.



An Application for Consent Order consists of two documents. These are:

  • The Application for Consent Orders
    • Approximately 25 pages
    • Both parties must complete it
    • You must disclose detailed personal and financial information, such as disclosure of all assets and their values
    • Disclosure must be full and frank



  • The Minutes of Consent 
    • You provide details of what orders are sought by you and your spouse
    • An example is details regarding what will happen to motor vehicle Toyota Yaris Registration 123XYZ

When can I file Consent Orders?

Normally Consent Orders are made either at the beginning or in the middle of a court matter.

What happens if my Consent Orders get rejected?

IMPORTANT: The Registrar who receives your Application for Consent Orders and Minutes of Consent must be satisfied that the agreed:



  • property settlement or spousal maintenance arrangements are fair and reasonable
  • parenting arrangements are in the best interests of the child



If the Court is not satisfied, the Registrar can:

  • Ask for the documents and seek further explanation from the parties as to why the Court should approve the agreed terms
  • refuse to execute the agreed settlement