How to apply for Child Support?

Sometimes, parents can reach child support agreements privately and document arrangements in a Child Support Agreement. These written Child Support Agreements may even be registered with the Department of Human Services.


 However, if parents do not have a Child Support Agreement in place, a parent can then lodge an Application for Child Support with the Child Support Agency.

How do I lodge my Child Support Application?

An Application is made to the Department of Human Services. There are formal requirements for an application to be satisfied. The easiest procedure is applying online.


Before filling in the Online Application Form, there are preliminary steps to be taken. These include checking if you’re eligible for Child Support Payments from the other parent, avenues to seek help if asking for Child Support will expose you to risk and setting up a self-service page with the Department. The relevant website is:


After the preliminary measure, the Online Application must be filled out.

The Online Application can be found at:


After completing the Online Application, you must submit your form along with any documents as required under the Form. Documents can be submitted through your Child Support online account. You can withdraw the Application as necessary, if the Department of Human Services has not yet accepted or refused the Application, through a Notice of Withdrawal of Application for a Child Support Assessment Form.


If for any reason, you cannot apply for Child Support online, you can Apply by calling the number 131 272 on Mondays-Fridays at 8:30am to 4:45pm. You can also call this number regarding general enquiries about Child Support, including a change in circumstances.


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What happens after I have made a Child Support Application?

After receiving the Application, the Department of Human Services will contact both parents regarding the decision. If a Child Support administrative assessment is made, a child support assessment notice will be sent out, which details:

  • How much you will receive or pay, and
  • When the payments will begin